Reconfiguring. Crafting. Collaborating.

Making your new space a seamless extension of what came before.

Excellent design requires thoughtful attention to every detail. Sensitivity to the aesthetic of your home and neighborhood. Vision to reconfigure your space in beautiful and livable ways. And an experienced professional to listen to your ideas and translate them into real design. With Stacy Studio, you can expect the very best solutions to meet your needs and complement your taste, whether you are adding onto your existing home or creating something entirely new.

You want an architect to listen to you. Perhaps your home is full of character but it just isn’t keeping pace with your expanding family. Or your growing business requires a dedicated home office. Perhaps you’re ready for a gorgeous chef’s kitchen or have always wanted a timeless screened porch. As a work-at-home parent of three, I totally get it. Your house needs to harmonize with your family and your lifestyle. From the big picture down to the smallest detail, we can collaborate creatively or you can sit back and let me lead the way. Let’s make your home everything you dream it could be.

Amy Giller Stacy.

Amy has over 30 years of experience as a residential architect in Montgomery County and the DC metro area. Her extensive portfolio includes historic buildings in Maryland, the District, and beyond. A quick look through the gallery illustrates Stacy Studio’s dedication to adapting homes to their owner’s unique needs.

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